Top CES 2014 Trends

The Consumer Electronics Show or (C.E.S) is one of the most important technology (electronics) and entertainment global fairs.  Mythic products are discovered there each year (The DVD in 1996, the NES in 1985) and this year is not an exception ! So let’s discover some products that will impact our lives for the next 5 years.

1- Wearable techs

One of the biggest trends in this CES 2014 is, of course, wearable techs and gadgets. Some of you heard about the Google Glass, Intelligent watches and rings… Biggest tech actors pushed the limit and created more useful wearable gadgets like the SOL Republic Relays (a modern noise-canceling earphones designed for fitness activity), the Lumo Lift that will make you stand straighter and Pebble‘s intelligent watches previously launched on KickStarter.

Wearable techs for sports was also very appreciated after Nike’s FuelBand previous launch. FitBit, the wearable camera by Panasonic and the Babolat Play (World’s first connected tennis rackets) went famous.

2- Drones

Parrots wins this round the launch of 2 new drones (actually a mini-drone and a jumping robot) both controlled by iOS or Android Smartphone.

A new version of the iRobot’s Scooba Clearer was showcased that analyses dirt on the floor and adapts the suitable algorithm to it. It has also the ability to analyse the shape of the room and to communicate with other cleaning robots to finally go bag to their standing pad (to recharge and wait for next cleaning operations).

3-Advanced Processors

Processors goes smaller and more powerful with an Intel show showcasing several connected objects we use daily and a 2.0 Nursery thanks to their new Intel Einstein processor.

Gaming and Mobile industries are also taking advantage from this evolution with the powerful Mobile super chip (192-Core Tegra K1) by Nvidia. This chip is ready to be implemented in gaming-ready smarphones, tablets and intelligent cars. With the Tegra K1, Nvidia is back to the competition with Intel’s chips trying to dominate mobile processor’s market.

Year after year, C.E.S is bringing more innovation and showcasing more products that will improve human’s condition. The phenomenon has sharply increased after the successful crowdfunding platforms (cc KickStarter and IndieGogo) and it’s not ready to slow down.


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